Biking in Radstadt

Radstadt and the surrounding region have all kinds of things to offer bikers – from leisurely, family-friendly routes to challenging, sweat-inducing mountain stretches.

Mountain bikers will also get their money's worth in the region around Radstadt with numerous marked routes. For example, ambitious bikers can tackle a 950 m gain on a route throuhg magnificent countryside up to the Roßbrand. The latest maps and informational materials are available at the tourist office.

Enns bike path – from Radstadt to the Danube

Impressive mountains, romantic valleys, rushing streams, enchanting villages, and historic cities will be your companion through the unique natural scenery along the 250 km long Enns bike path.


The advantage of the e-bike is that the electric motor assists the biker when going uphill, and recharges on the way back down. A battery charge lasts for ca. 80 km, which gives you plenty of freedom to explore the surrounding region. You can rent e-bikes right here in Radstadt. With the e-bike, everyone can now conquer even those challenging tours.