Hiking in Radstadt

Hikers will definitely get their money's worth. The spectacular scenery, the hikeable 2,000 m high peaks, and lush, green meadows will delight everyone with their leisurely hikes or challenging alpine tours.

Radstadt is also a stage of the Salzburg Almenweg path, which stretches 350 km from the Tennengebirge over the Tauern to the Dachstein. 120 cozy huts invite you to stop for refreshments along this hiking route. 
The free "Radstadt hiking bus"  runs every Monday and Thursday offers a special service enabling you to experience many new hiking options with a variety of starting and finishing points, especially those amazing traverses of the Tauern range.

Nordic walking

The use of poles makes walking a true workout, also getting the muscles of the upper body involved as well. Nordic walking is suited for the ambitious athlete, as well as for the casual walker. In Radstadt, a variety of Nordic walking tours are awaiting you, promising all kinds of surprises and discoveries along the way.